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Hey guys--
Had a weird scratching/rubbing noise start in my C about a week ago ... popped the engine and I see that the coolant pulley (see pic) is wobbling a bit. Car is still drivable, but I don't want things to get any worse. I tried tightening the three hex bolts that hold it in, but I couldn't budge them--they're on effing tight already and probably haven't been touched since the car rolled away from the factory.
I'm suspecting there's a problem with the coolant pulley bearing ... what do you guys think? Any info on how to replace a bearing DIY? I've searched but nothing's really come up.

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Re: (fredhogarth)

Quote, originally posted by fredhogarth »
The whole pump is about $40 and six screws.
I got a new pump with metal impeller from MJM on here through IM. It was pretty sweet, I still dream about it.

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