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vr6 engine whoas

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Hey guys i need a little technical advice. (idk if this should be in the tech. forum but oh well)
My jetta is getting disgusting gas mileage, im talking about 13 mpg. It has a skip, I think it is electrical, distributer? It makes this tick tick tick noise, that sounds like electrical impulses. So far I have checked compression, all is well, had the injectors rebuilt, new plugs and wires, what would be the next step? should i replace the distributer?
btw its a 95 (obd1) 12v vr6.
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Re: vr6 engine whoas (tbeck)

look at the coil pack for crack....
oxygen sensor?? my MPG went up 5 miles when I changed it....
try seafoaming the engine..do a search
Re: vr6 engine whoas (ricardo)

if i had a bad oxy sensor wouldnt it turn on my CEL? i have no CEL!!! (thank god) but it makes things difficult to [email protected]
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nah- sometimes it won't turn on. Check your coil pack as suggested.
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