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vr6 in an aircooled?

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looking for any pics, videos, or info about putting this engine in an aircooled.
first i saw was a single pic of a ghia with a 12v vr6. then today i saw these pics;

i can't find any build pages or threads or anything detailing these cars. a video would be bad ass. anyone know anything?
a search for "vr6" in the aircooled forum turns up nothing.
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Re: vr6 in an aircooled? (air skooled)

that would be so sweet to see flying down the highway if it had a hood n and u didnt know there was a vr6 in it.
good luck, lots of fabricating needed
engine swaps are fun. but not worth it if you have to take the decklid off like that. You coulld flip the tranny mounts around and replace the front mount with a mid mount, and that would move the engine forward 2 inches. You would need to shorten your shift rod 2 inches though. Good luck.
I hate that car. That's such a terrible idea. It looks horrible, totally screws up the weight distribution, and why bother when you can get the same kind of power from another motor that is lighter and would fit correctly?
Re: vr6 in an aircooled? (air skooled)

thanks guys (namely air skooled). i was more or less just curious about details on this kind of swap. i'm a vr6 fan but own no aircooleds so don't worry.
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Re: vr6 in an aircooled? (taurus)

KEP makes adaptors to pretty much any engine to a vw trany.
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