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Hey there...The time has come for me to start cleaning out my garage of the abundunce of parts i have collected over the years. I have alot of VR6 parts but also other parts such as 8v and 16v. If you are looking for anything related to vr6 i have plenty of things:

2 intake manifolds (one has been opened up to allow more airflow)- $100 for stock $180 for custom one
Rebuilt 1995 vr6 5 speed starter (bosch)- $160
vr6 Alternator working condition- $120
various radiator hoses, I'm sure i can find all for vr6- $20 each
VR6 tensioner- $50
VR6 cataylic convertor (barely used)- $100
VR6 exhaust manifold- $140
OBD 1 ECU & wiring harness-$200 or $100 each
Rebuilt 8v alternator- $100
16v intake manifold-$100
vr6 injectors- $100 for all 6 (new O rings)
ALSO have FULLY rebuilt vr6 (built to OEM specs) with no more than 7,500 KMS...everything is there just ask, looking for $1200

Thats all i can think of for now, but i will definitly be updating when i get home because i know there is lots of stuff missing....Please feel free to call OR text me at 647-678-5874 :beer:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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