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VR6 Rabbit?

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I am thinking about making that my project after my 88 Scirocco is "done". I would greatly appreciate any and all information you might have about that conversion. I would like to hit the 10:1 (weight/HP) ratio.
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Re: VR6 Rabbit? (198816v)

umm... expensive, hard... wiring is a ----- i guess. And its a tight squeeze
but its hella tight!
Use the search function on it, you will find a ton of info..
Re: VR6 Rabbit? (198816v)

There is some info on VR6 mounts on my site (in sig), more to come very soon

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Re: VR6 Rabbit? (The Transplanter)

i say don't even bother. a guy I know had a VR6 in a 87 cabby, aside from being fast on straight lines, he said it handled like crap because of all the weight at the front.
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