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hey guys
Im continuing a build i started about 3 1/2 yrs ago on my jetta and have progressed onto doing a turbo build of a different sort. Ive researched all that i can with the help of sts turbo and recently dove in head first. I know there are Strong opinions on why rear mounts are a bad idea but check out this f.a.q from sts .
Heres the link to the build thread in the mk3 forum....
Ive been updating it pretty consistently as im trying to complete it before h20.
opinions and advice are welcome.
I am about to move on to the plumbing and was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a supplier for aluminum reducers or even tapers ( i dont want to do silicone). I need to go from a 2.5 to 4. The plan right now is to take a 4" section and cut a triangle out/ re-weld it to make a reducer but it will be off center. I was hoping to purchase a similar co-centric unit but couldnt find anything.
anyone have a decent resource or advice?
thanks in advance

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Re: (DarkSideGTI)

not 100% true. there is potential of it not being as efficient as a manifold turbo if it it not done correctly
people that have not done it, should not talk as they did.
if it is done correctly, you will not feel the differnce. lag can be controlled but pipe size but intake and exhaust, sizing of correct turbo is key also.
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