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am swapping a mk3 VR into my mk3 2.0
there are a few things i have to know
i know i need to change the pedal cluster and dash cluster....
suspension is fine (h & r coilovers)
as far as brakes....i want to keep my 4lugs and run 15in wheels and then ungrade the brakes.....i was told by some that vr and 2.0 spindles are the same and i can just get vr axles and they will fit......
also what about the Rad support, can i use my 2.0 ? and just insert the VR rad. or can i even just use my 2.0, im assuming the VR is alot larger.....
AND of course....OBD1 or OBD2.... have heard the obd1 have less emissions and are sometimes quicker.....but obd2 have less problems with wring and obd2 will be easier to find in good condition

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Re: VR6 Swap into mk3 2.0 (2dot0)

I helped do one of these a 96 Golf to VR6
You do not need to change the petal cluster. All the spots are there for the clutch.
VR and 2.0 spindles are not the same. VR6 uses a larger spline
Use 2.0 Axles the ones you have will work fine.
Get Corrado G60 Brake Calipers and Carriers then you will have 11" brakes.
No need to change rad support just Radiator to a VR6 one
Make sure to get a motor that is at least as new as your car do not backdate it.
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