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vr6 swap question

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sorry if i'm in the wrong forum but i didn't know whether the vw pickups were a1 or a2. anyway my uncle has one and it runs good but needs work (as if i could find one that didn't). cut to the chase...i want to put a vr6 in the truck. i was thinking about selling my car (pics below) and then buying the truck (probably for super cheap) and then swapping in a new vr6 and axles trans and all the nesecary parts for an engine swap. so i wanted to know if it was a doable swap?? also i wanted to know if i could do some extras like an a3 dash...or if a corrado or a2 gti dash would fit. and i wanted to know how much you think i could pull it off for (lets just say i get the truck for free)??
just ideas and rough estimates...and any advice. and any pics or sites with vr6 swapped truck would be great.
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Re: vr6 swap question (1fastvdub)

I've never seen one, but that would be a cool idea. I think they're MKI, though
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Re: vr6 swap question (estus)

they're MK1...and it's not an easy swap...and if you ask many of the people who have done VR6 into MK1 swaps...they will never do them again, I guess they're a royal pain...but...that wouldn't stop me...you're going to have to take your time though...and make sure you do it right...the word is that the most difficult thing is keeping driveshafts in them, as the driveshafts need to be at a weird angle to fit...hit the A1 forum up..and they'll be more help...although they'll prob tell you to do a 16V...but to each their own
edit as far as price goes...if you plan on doing the work yourself, look at about prob 4G's or more...and if someone else is doing it...Dubsport charges 5,000lbs...which is around 8,000 dollars or something like that

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Re: vr6 swap question (Josh[deady]Able)

oooooo, mid engine

That is correct (what the others are saying about it being a pain in the ars swap). You have to either rewire the car for CE2 or have a sloppy splice fest (have fun with that) in addition to the other crap because of the weird A1 frame(cutting motormounts...all sorts of nasty stuff).
As far as the dash goes, the dopeiest dash swap for that car is a polo dash, have fun getting ahold of one of those!
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Re: vr6 swap question (lucaq)

Hey, I'm in Md- and I could probably help! im me or e-mail [email protected] How much do you want for your car?
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