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vr6 swap question

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posted in a2 forum:
sorry if i'm in the wrong forum but i didn't know whether the vw pickups were a1 or a2. anyway my uncle has one and it runs good but needs work (as if i could find one that didn't). cut to the chase...i want to put a vr6 in the truck. i was thinking about selling my car (pics below) and then buying the truck (probably for super cheap) and then swapping in a new vr6 and axles trans and all the nesecary parts for an engine swap. so i wanted to know if it was a doable swap?? also i wanted to know if i could do some extras like an a3 dash...or if a corrado or a2 gti dash would fit. and i wanted to know how much you think i could pull it off for (lets just say i get the truck for free)??
just ideas and rough estimates...and any advice. and any pics or sites with vr6 swapped truck would be great.
edit.....someone figured you guys would tell me to do a 16v swap...tell me a little about it....would it be a better idea??
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Re: vr6 swap question (1fastvdub)

From my knowledge of the VR6 and 16v (which isn't technical knowledge, just knowledge), the VR6, though very powerful, is extrememly expensive to mod andi is VERY heavy. It will make a rabbit incredibly nose heavy, and cause it to lose a lot of its nimbleness...
The 16 engine is much lighter, very high revving and quick, and it bolts right into the engine bay of a rabbit....
You are going to spend many hours and lots of money getting a VR6 squeezed into a rabbit engine bay....
I have a 98 GTI VR6, and a 16v rabbit, and though I have never driven a VR rabbit, the 16v is VERY fun :-D
Someone else who knows more than I do will probably chime in...
Re: vr6 swap question (Josh[deady]Able)

Heavy Schmevy. It's only 100-200 pounds or so. hook up with some good springs and you will be fine. I love to see people doing mad swaps like this. If you do it right, you'll love it.
Re: vr6 swap question (Big CADDY)

there was a caddy in pvw i think a year ago with a vr6 swap that was done extremely well. Also had an a3 dash too. If i can find the mag i'll scan the pics in for you.
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Re: vr6 swap question (83 bunny)

The hardest part will be fabricating engine mounts to hold the VR6 in place well. It is hardly "bolt in" but it can be done, and has been several times. Might be better off making the whole thing tube frame and then sitting the body on top of that.
Re: vr6 swap question (need_a_VR6)

I just checked momentum's web site because i wanted to see if Sean Lang's mk1 cabby that is recieving a 24V VR-6 was still there and it is not so i will tell you has been done so far. So far they have fabricated an entire engine craddle and added tubes to the shock towers to prevent premature failure from the added torque. The engine craddle i belive uses mk-2 engine mounts. Since all cars including and after the MK-2 used a detachable sub frame to mount the engine tranny and steering rack and lower suspension components, a significant amount of fabrication is required to install this engine in to a MK-1.
Just like Big Caddy I like seeing mad swaps done however a fair amount of fabracation will be required to make this fit, you will need to do alot of research to make this happen

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Re: vr6 swap question (Big CADDY)

thanks for the help...i was trying to decide between the vr6 and the 16v today and i think i'm gonna go with the vr6...it's just a bad ass engine.
Re: vr6 swap question (1fastvdub)

quote:[HR][/HR] i think i'm gonna go with the vr6...it's just a bad ass engine.[HR][/HR]​
in a A1, it is just plain a$$. emphasis on $$, cool, yes; that's about it. don't get me wrong. of all the vdubs i've owned, the vr6 motor is plain and simple smooth as butta. but here again, in a A1 http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif show -points, thats it. as for stouter springs
there is a huge difference between 100 to 200 lbs. just relocate your battery to the rear to get an idea of the effects of weight distribution. just my 2 cents and your 1000's.
take care,
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Re: vr6 swap question (Nashty Rabbit)

p.s. just saw the pics of your car. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif clean and low. 4 lug pattern. sneaky you are.
take care,
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Re: vr6 swap question (1fastvdub)

You should check the site http://www.germanmuscle.com,the guy who does that site has an 88 'rocco with a vr6 conversion. I've seen a blue caddy in the german mags w/a vr6 conversion. Out there somewhere are some pics of a mk1 that has a vr6 in it,done by grafting in(somehow)an a2 front subframe-that would give you the motormount pickup points. Keep in mind you can't simply weld the motormount hardpoints to the body-the vr6's torque will rip them right off.It's a do-able swap-do you want to spend the money to build it? Most shops charge upwards of 50.00 an hour for labor-I would estimate at LEAST 2-3 hundred hours for the fabrication neccessary for this swap. Not trying to change your mind,just be aware of how big a project you're getting into.
BTW-is that Jose's old car you bought? That's a really cool ride-I think that car belonged to one of the Welty brothers at one point. It's got some history behind it-Keep it!
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Re: vr6 swap question (vr6swap)

Many stories ive heard but most people that tell them say that rabbits arent the cars for a VR. When the Rabbit was designed it was intended to be a fun little car to drive. Nimble, quick, and stiff. The curb weight on a rabbit is 2900 lbs, lets not forget that includes 4 people (average weight is 160 lbs) a full tank of gas (10 gallons weighs alot), a full interior. Basically if you drive a Rabbit with an engine that weighs 200 lbs MORE in the front of it, you WILL without a doubt do an endo when you brake. And forget about taking a turn, Rabbits dive into fast corners STOCK, let alone with an extra 200 lbs in there. If it were up to me, which it isnt, i would go with the 16v. Slap a turbo on there and you will beat VRs anyway. If you want to win a show, and drain your bank acount, do a VR swap. If you want to drive the truck, and have alot of fun with it, put a 2 liter 16valve in there, and turbo it. Just my opinion, basted on the facts.
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Re: vr6 swap question (theYellowRabbit)

Put light weight and turbo. But it is opinion. If you want flashy go VR6, If you want people to see a flash go something else. You can always spend more and get a Turbo for the VR6, then you have no worries of speed, handling is another story.....What ever you choose:GOOD LUCK and I want to see the pics of it when you are finished

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Re: vr6 swap question (G60Turbolet)

that seems to be a growing alternative...i'm hearing a lot of stuff i don't like about that swap...the $$$$ first of all. and i really don't know how to go about fabricating engine mounts and stiffening up the car so i can accomidate the engine. i don't know...i'll have to look more into it and weigh my options...and like i said this is just preliminary...i still don't know if i'm going to do this. but thanks for your help...
Re: vr6 swap question (1fastvdub)

I would go with the 16v. I have never had a VR6 Rabbit before but thats just what I would prefer. Especially if money is an issue. Whatever you do Id like to see some pics when you are done. Good luck.
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Re: vr6 swap question (85gti1)

jason.. you know me now and my friend bryan has a machine shop in Pasadena. We can make anything. But i would still do 16v, bryan is going 2.0 cross flow in his 80 pickup.
Re: vr6 swap question (fast8vvw)

Has anyone tried those mounts?
Spendy, but would save a lot of time!
Re: vr6 swap question (Dobolina)

I have them installed in my car. it comes with wiring diagrams for the swap the mounts and instructions on how to install them. they also tell you how to do the fuel system. So it's kinda a complete swap kit minus the engine, tranny, wiring harness, fuel system, ect, ect ect. the only down fall is that you have to be able to speak and read German.
Re: vr6 swap question (1fastvdub)

Plus check the Scirocco forum, they have many front subframes cracking with only high powered 4cylinders and 100 to 200lbs is lots of weight.
I'd go 16V personally, and in my Caddy, I am very happy with a 2.0 8V...for now.
Re: vr6 swap question (fwdvw)

believe me, if you ever drove an A1 with a VR6, you'd want one. I always hear people talking about "the vr6 weighs too much" etc. etc. etc. My car handles just as well with the vr6 as is did with an 8V, and the same as it did with a 16V. The ONLY difference you'll see when putting a vr6 is that is gets 10 times the traction it did with an 8v. No more spinning in 3rd gear.
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