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VR6 with no oil????

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I fix wrecked Jettas and Golfs and am presently looking at a 2000 passat vr6 with a very large hole in the oil pan. I am assuming that there is a low oil ressure shutoff switch on this car anyone know for sure????? Thanks for any answers
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Re: VR6 with no oil???? (Peter850)

First, it's not a VR6, just a regular V6. Second, there is no low oil pressure shutoff that I know of. That would be a very dangerous device to have. Having the engine shut off because of low oil pressure could very easily lead to an accident if the engine shuts off at an inopportune moment. The car will display a warning message on the trip computer and a loud alert tone if oil pressure is low enough to trigger the warning. It's up to the driver to pull over and shut off the engine.
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