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(I know that this should be posted in the Wheel & Tire forum, but due to the difficulty in finding 19" snows for my sport package Touareg, I felt it appropriate to post this here as well.)
I finally got to use my Vredestein's in winter conditions. These tires rock! It snowed about 4" last night in Denver. I went out early this morning and encountered icy snow packed neighborhood streets as well as slushy main thoroughfares. In my short 5 mile drive, my stability control kicked on twice and ABS only fired up a handful of times (and I had to use more that 50% brake pressure to get it to engage).
In short, the grip of these tires is really very good. To double check my initial impression, I took my 4 Motion Passat out on the same route 30 minutes later, and it felt like I was driving with All Season tires, not the Blizzak's that were actually on the car. If it were not a waste of money, I would run out today and upgrade the Passat's tires to the Vredestein's!
Once we get a big dump, I will update with how they perform in those conditions.
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