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VT CAMS on the DYNO last night.........

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Took a Corrado to the Dyno last night to test out some new cams he just intalled.
Two weeks ago he was putting out 169whp and 172Tq to the wheels with Port and Polished head, no cat, neuspeed chip and Exhaust......last night with the new cams he put out 183whp and torque stayed exaclty the same 172tq. This increase was just from the cam swap.
The cams have tottally different specs from any other cams available in the market for VR's. They designed to work on stock springs and to keep stock idle.
If anyone is interested in getting more information, call VT Auto and speak to Marc.
The phone number is (905) 884-6694, located just outside of Toronto.
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Re: VT CAMS on the DYNO last night......... (VR5)

post a dyno and info if you got it.
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