Volkswagen’s modern ode to the Type 2, the ID Buzz, is back in public this week for the Geneva Motor Show. This time, though, VW designer Oliver Stefani was on hand to shed some more light on what VW hopes will come of the concept.

When the concept was first shown publicly in Detroit earlier this year, there was a lot of excitement and a lot of skepticism. This isn’t, after all, the first time that VW has shown a concept based on the much-loved Type 2. Comments from VW employees, though, have consistently pointed towards the fact that VW genuinely wants to make a production vehicle that looks like this.

Speaking to Auto Epxpress in Geneva , Stefani went along with comments from other VW officials, like design director Klaus Bischoff, implying that the retro shape could stay.

“We would like to bring this back because it fits so well to what the brand stands for: it’s emotional, it has functionality, it makes your life easier.” He also added that the nature of electric cars means that a flat front van (like the Type 2) can be safe enough to crash test and sell.

Volkswagen Showcar I.D. BUZZ und Volkswagen T1

Stefani also expressed his doubt about turning the ID Buzz into a crossover. “The French also try these alternatives with MPV crossed with SUV," said Stefani. "Honestly, nobody goes into the woods with an SUV.”

Stefani also added that, like the Type 2 of old, VW could offer a whole range of vehicles based on the ID Buzz.

“The T1 also had some family members, like the pick-up, the camper, the Samba,” Stefani told Auto Express, “so I think there are a lot of possibilities with this car.”

It’s certainly not confirmation that a modern microbus is coming to VW dealerships, but Stefani’s comments at least add to the mounting evidence that VW sincerely wants something like the ID Buzz to hit the streets.

[source: Auto Express ]