Way back in 1987 Volkswagen decided to do something that only the enormous volume of cocaine being consumed in the ‘80s can explain: build a twin-engine Golf to take on Pikes Peak.

Remember, this was in the ‘80s when computers were still, effectively, fancy calculators, so running one longitudinal (wuh?) 16V, 1.8-liter engine and one Hewland 5-speed manual transmission per axle was no mean feat.

These combined for a total of 640 hp, which might have been enough to compete against Walter Rohrl’s Audi Sport Quattro S1 Pikes Peak, but the car broke down (gasp) on its timed run.

The program now in its third year and having failed to provide a race win was canned after that, but the legend remains and now, the bi motor’s driver, Jochi Kleint is passing the baton to Romain Dumas, who has been tapped to take VW’s all-electric car up to Pikes Peak.

Interestingly, VW’s new Pikes Peak car may share more than just a badge with the bi motor. We already know that VW intends on putting electric motors at either end of its I.D. streetcars, so it stands to reason that, like the 1987 car, the new racer might have a motor per axle.

We’ll find out if VW can finally earn itself a Pikes Peak win in June when the hill climb takes place.

And for more on the bi motor program’s history, take a couple of minutes to read this excellent article from our friends over at thetruthaboutcars.