Car and Driver is reporting today that VW’s new 1.5L EA211evo four cylinder engine will produce up to 150hp while using 10 percent less fuel than the engine it replaces.

Despite that efficiency, Volkswagen is aiming to make its new engine the industry benchmark for responsiveness and it’s doing that by using some very high technology.

That technology ranges from the fairly common cylinder deactivation, to the very uncommon variable turbine geometry turbo. In fact, this is the first mass market gas engine to use the technology.


The technology allows the engine to reach maximum torque about 35 percent quicker than with a conventional turbocharger, which helps make it more responsive. Currently, it's only available on the Porsche 708 Boxster S and the 911 Turbo—as far as gas engines are concerned.

Tiny details are also important in Volkswagen's pursuit of high efficiency and responsiveness. The cylinder linings of the new engine, for instance, are sprayed with an atmospheric plasma spray to make them even slipperier.

For now, the new efficient engine is only available in the entry level Jetta and Jetta Hybrid, but Car and Driver are reporting that the new EA211evo is arriving in Mexico’s Silao plant soon, so there are hopes that the engine will become more common.