Volkswagen recently launched the Golf R Performance  in Europe, an extra special Golf R fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust system, extra slippery body panels, and bigger brakes. To be honest, we had pretty much accepted that it would never come to the US, but ever hopeful we asked and it turns out there's hope yet.

Speaking at the launch of the facelifted Golf in Michigan, product specialist Megan Garbis said that the US wing of VW is evaluating the potential of bringing it to our fair shores.

“That would be really fun,” said Garbis after being asked we would get a Golf R Performance here. “I don’t know right now if we have the option to bring over to the United States, but it’s obviously something that we’re evaluating.”

While that’s by no means confirmation, it is at least a ray of hope.

The main roadblock is, of course, whether or not the Performance would sell. With a strong aftermarket, it could turn that buyers would prefer to fit their own aftermarket parts, rather than pay for VW to do it for them.

Still, the notion of a special edition from VW isn’t without its own, inherent charm, so enthusiasts might be willing to pay the premium for a Golf R Performance.

“It’s just a matter of evaluating is there a market for it, how much would it cost etc, etc,” said Garbis. “And performing against other aftermarket options, it’s obviously pretty good.”

So don’t hold your breath, but you may actually someday see a Golf R Performance rolling down your street.