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VW 1.8t Repair Parts list Genuine VW and Bosch Parts 06A 905 115 D, 101 000 063 AA, 06A 906 461 LX, 06A 906 433 L, 058 905 161 B, 059 919 501 A, 1K0 998 262 D, 1K0 998 262

As I was looking through some threads I realized that I did not see an easy thread for anyone to find the 1.8t Repair parts. Therefore I am going to make one. Please feel free to let me know if there is anything you think I should add. I could list every 1.8t part but Im trying to keep it to common failures and replacements.

I also plan to add common fault codes associated with the failure of these items. Please feel free to chime in if there is one you dont see that you have experienced.

Of course all parts listed are at least 25% of, and some much more

Our Main Page Can Be found here http://www.deutscheautoparts.com/Default.aspx

All Listings Below are for AWP engines found in

MK4 Jetta 2002-2003-2004-2005.5
MK4 GTI 2002-2003-2004-2005


Coils for ALL 1.8T (non bolt in style)
Factory 1.8T Replacement Coil this is the most current version 06A-905-115-D/ 06A 905 115 D

Spark Plugs

We have 2 versions of spark plugs available for 1.8T engines (They all use the same plugs)

Genuine VW NGK Spark Plug 101-000-063-AA/ 101 000 063 AA

Bosch Super Plus Spark Plugs 0 242 236 564/ FR7KPP33 +50


Mass Air Flow sensor - often called MAF sensor this part is mounted between the airbox and the intake hose and measures the amount of air coming into the engine.

Bosch Mass Air Flow Sensor for VW number 06A 906 461 L/ 06A-906-461-L

Bosch number 0 280 218 063

Crank Sensor- often called crank position sensor or G28 this part can potentially cause no start conditions.

Bosch Crank Sensor for VW number 06A 906 433 L/ 06A-906-433-L

Bosch number 0 261 210 199/ 0261210199

Cam Position Sensor- Mounted on the cylinder head this sensor uses a trigger wheel bolted to the camshaft to determine the position of the cams. This sensor may also be called the G40 sensor

Bosch Cam sensor for VW number 058 905 161 B/ 058-905-161-B

Bosch Number 0 232 101 024/ 0232101024

Coolant Temperature Sensor (Green) this is the most current version of this part. If you have the black coolant temp sensor in your vehicle you should replace it with this one.

VW part number 059 919 501 A/ 059-919-501-A

Front Oxygen Sensor (O2) - This 02 sensor is mounted in front of the catalyst and measure the exhaust coming out of the engine to determine if the fuel mixture is correct.

Bosch Oxygen sensor for VW part number 1K0 998 262 D/ 1K0-998-262-D Replacing the previous part number for this application which was 021-906-262-B

Bosch Part number 0 258 007 351

Rear Oxygen (O2) Sensor- The rear 02 sensor is mounted in or behind the catalyst. Its function is to determine if the catalytic converter on the vehicle is functioning properly.

Bosch Oxygen Sensor for VW number 1K0 998 262/ 1K0-998-262 this replaces the previous version for this application which was 021-906-262-C

Bosch Part Number 0 258 006 978

-1.8 T DV/ Diverter Valve/ Turbo Recirculation Valve/ Turbo Cut off valve
This part controls the pressure of the turbo system and will recirculate the pressure to the intake of the turbo when you let off the gas. The reason this is important is to prevent compressor surge or stalls. This part will fit all 1.8T engines regardless of engine code and is the most updated OEM or Genuine VW version available.

The failure of this part may result in faults like these
17965/P1557/005463 - Charge Pressure Control: Positive Deviation

and sometimes these
0411 - Sec.Air Inj.Sys. Incorrect Flow Detected

To test this part you can use a vacuum pump to apply vacuum to the small nipple on top of the valve to ensure your DV is holding a vacuum. If it will not hold a vacuum you should replace the valve.

06A-145-710-N/ 06A145710N


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may want to add the info that a bad MAF can show up with the traction control light always on....
I have seen that mainly on coil packs for the 1.8t, especially oem coils and tuned ecu's:beer:
but then again some type of misfire should show up.

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may want to add the info that a bad MAF can show up with the traction control light always on....

im still having a hard time wrapping my head around that one...
The ECU uses the MAF data to help figure out how much load the engine is currently running. This load can be used to figure out traction problems. If the MAF isn't working right the ECU just disables traction control instead of making bad decisions..

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All you have to do is ship stuff on time and have good customer service to top that... You know, like GAP (not hating on you guys though)
Not offended. When I made that comment I was referring to our catalog. Shipping on time and good customer service is a must no doubt. But we really feel like we can deliver real value with an exceptional catalog that is informative, helpful as well as great pricing. I appreciate you taking the time to leave us feedback.
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