Take this with an Everest-sized grain of salt, but the UK’s Autocar reports that Volkswagen is —and I cannot stress this enough—allegedly taking another look at the Golf R400.

The report comes from an unnamed source who told Autocar that VW is “looking at introducing a new ‘halo’ performance model that would offer a level performance beyond that of the next Golf R.”

Meanwhile, VW insiders apparently claimed that this alleged, reported, supposed car would be the most extreme and powerful Golf yet, making “close to 400 bhp.”


Now, before you get excited and open your heart to more pain, remember that there’s good reason to doubt this report. First, it comes from Autocar. Second, a very well sourced story from March 12 had Jost Capito , THE HEAD OF VW’S R DIVISION, saying that customers don’t actually want a 400 hp Golf.

Now, say what you will about that statement, it was at least made by someone in a position of authority who went on the record. So it’s a much more credible report than this one.

Still, this latest report claims that Herbert Diess, who does at least outrank Capito and who has been on something of a green lighting streak lately (I.D. Buzz, I.D. BUGGY probably), wants it to happen. So if anyone canmake it happen, it’s him. But he probably won’t.