Volkswagen is adding a trio of new drivetrain systems to help the company offer lower emissions choices in its vehicles. There will be a new mild-hybrid, natural gas, and an all-new diesel hybrid option.

The 48-volt hybrid system was announced yesterday. It will use a belt-driven starter generator that will allow more stop-start, more time spent coasting with the engine off, and allow for regenerative braking to help save fuel.

The new information is that Volkswagen is launching a completely new 2.0L TDI diesel engine. The four-cylinder is designed to meet current and future expected emissions requirements. The engines will be used in Audi vehicles as well, in both longitudinal and transverse-mount platforms.

The new engine is expected to offer a range of outputs of between 136 and 204 hp. It will also be one of the first diesel engines to offer a hybrid system. A 12-volt mild hybrid system will also a have a lithium-ion battery. VW says that this will further reduce fuel consumption and improve emissions. Expect it to operate like the 48V system, but with smaller gains in fuel economy.

Finally, a 1.5L four cylinder will be available that runs on natural gas. It uses VW's latest variable geometry turbine turbochargers and is based on the 1.5 TSI ACT engine. It will generate 130 hp using the Miller cycle combustion process. It can also run on Audi's e-gas renewable fuel.

The natural gas engine is expected to enter production this year. The 48V mild hybrid is coming with the new Golf next year, but VW didn't say when the TDI would arrive.