The ink paper version of Top Gear has named the Golf and the Up! in its annual “Top Gear Magazine Best Cars in the World” issue.

The magazine gave the Golf the “All the Car You’ll Ever Need” award, while the Up! gets the “Best First Wheels” title.

“A Golf. Short of needing seven seats or some genuine off-road ability, those two words can answer just about any car requirement you care to throw our way,”  writes Top Gear Magazine.

Even Top Gear admits that the equation isn’t quite so simple, though, since the Golf’s many variants make choosing the right one difficult.

But not that difficult, because the English get the GTI Clubsport S, which the correct choice even if you have 13 children and live in a wooded county without roads.

Volkswagen up!

The Up! meanwhile earned the “Best First Wheels” title, despite not feeling like a first car. “The up! doesn’t really feel like a baby car: it’s refined and has supple suspension and runs true on motorways,” writes Top Gear Magazine.

The Audi A4 was also among Top Gear Magazine’s best cars… … … in the world, earning the title of “Best Car for Big Miles.” The A4’s combination of comfort, pace, and tech, say Top Gear Magazine, make the perfect car for a grand tour.