The Volkswagen Group announced today that it has invested in Hubject, a company founded by BMW, Daimler, Bosch, Siemens, and more in 2012, to connect charging stations for electric vehicles.

The investment is part of VW’s, and indeed most of the German automotive industry’s, push to develop a fast charging network across Germany and Europe in order to make electric vehicles more appealing to consumers.

“With our investment in Hubject we are supporting the digital transformation and making an important contribution to the transition to the era of e-mobility," said Thomas Sedran, Head of Group Strategy at VW, in a statement.

Although Hubject is a European company, it’s main goal is to get charging points set up all over the world. As a result, the company already has 40,000 charge points on three continents.

"Charging must become more customer-friendly if electric cars are to make the breakthrough and catch on quicker,” said Thomas Daibler, co-CEO of Hubject GmbH. “Together with our new shareholder we will be working at top speed to push forward with interconnecting the charging infrastructure.”

No word yet on how much VW invested, nor how big a stake in Hubject it purchased.