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VW centercaps for aftermarket wheels?

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I just got some new wheels! But where can I find VW centercaps for them?? Is this possible?
and one more question;
And im told I need 225-45-17 tires for my 17 x 7.5 wheels- are their any other sizes that will fit?
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Re: VW centercaps for aftermarket wheels? (CT-passat)

I had the same problem, did not have any luck finding center caps so I eventually got a signwriter do make some up for me with clear resin coating. They came up a treat and they were cheat too.
As far as tyre sizes go I did some research and found that you can use 235/45 or 245/40. Out of the 3 different sizes most use 225/45 but actually 245/40 are the closest match to the original wheel rolling diameter, from memory it was a 99% match. I'll be going to this size when I replace my tires. However I have 17 x 8 so I know 245 will fit nicely on my wheel. 1/2 inch shouldn't make much difference though, why don't you get the tyre guy to put the different sizes on and see what you think!
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