Herbert Diess, the Volkswagen Group’s CEO, has been open about his support of Formula 1’s plan to switch to synthetic fuels in the near future . With Honda’s exit from the sport, rumors are swirling that the German giant may be interested in supplying engines.

If the news sounds a little far fetched to you, well you aren’t alone, but Diess’s comments do at least make him sound interested.

“Synthetic fuels which are also highly energy-intensive to produce will – even fully scaled up – remain very expensive but will be needed in transportation which can’t be electrified like planes,” Diess wrote on LinkedIn. “In my personal view, would be better to go ahead with motor racing: F1 becoming CO2 neutral using synthetic fuels is much more excitement, fun, racing experience, tech-competition than Formula E driving a few laps in city centers in gaming mode. All of this only makes sense if we get carbon-free electricity soon.”

It’s also worth noting that jets aren’t the only ones that could make use of synthetic fuels, the Jetset could, too. Porsche recently announced that it’s looking into synthetic fuels as a way of keeping classic cars on the road without converting them to electric—which is complicated but does have some historical merit.

That Porsche is interested in synthetic fuel is particularly interesting, because the company happens to have a nearly complete F1 engine lying around.

What better way to show off your history-saving fuel than with a historical-sport-saving engine? Naturally, there are a lot of costs and regulations to consider but Porsche is nothing if not obsessed with motorsport.