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VW credit......

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Ok i leased my 2001 jetta, and i was reading with vw credit i can after 1 year, trade my car in for a brand new audi, and pay like 420 instead of 320 a month. Now i was wondering if anyone did that and instead of getting a audi which i would love but its too much money, get a 2002 vr6 or 1.8t jetta or gti. So if anyone knows about this please lemme know. Thanx!..
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Re: VW credit...... (01Jetta2.0)

where are you reading this...what are you talking about?
Re: VW credit...... (intonation)

damn you pay $420 a month on a 2.0.. boy am i glad we payed it off when we bought it..
Re: VW credit...... (intonation)

i dont know my father was telling me that he read i dont know where he read it from, but after a year of haveing my car i can trade it in for a 2002 audi, through vw credit. i know it sounds weird and poop but thats what he told me, and i was woundering if any of u guys knew about it.
Re: VW credit...... (DuckyGTI)

na i pay $320, the audi would be like $420, maybe more.
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