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The AC condenser on my Mk7 Golf needs replaced after I hit some debris on the road. I made an appointment 10 days ago, online with my nearest VW dealer shop, and I put in the notes what the trouble was. In hindsight, I should have called.

I took the car there this morning and the service advisor said because it's a repair, it will take a week to 10 days before a senior mechanic can diagnose the problem.

I told him I was confused because I thought that's what the appointment was for, and he said "appointments are for drop offs", whatever that means.

I've brought the car to this dealer several times for problems, as opposed to routine service, and they were able to look at it the same day, the only delays being if they needed to wait for parts.

I called another VW place, same thing, need to leave the car for a week before someone can look at it.

What's going on - COVID made all the senior guys quit and everywhere is backed up for a week?

p.s. can anyone recommend a good independent VW guy in SE Phoenix metro area?

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