Canadians will finally get to drive the e-Golf as the updated 2017 version will head to the great white north for the first time.

Although it’s expected to arrive in the summer, the Canadian-spec e-Golf will come fully equipped for the country’s harsh winters and its people’s garrison mentality.

To keep you warm without drawing down the battery, the Canadian e-Golf comes with a heat pump that takes ambient heat from the surrounding air, as well as drivetrain heat and sends it into the cabin.

This alone, according to VW Canada, helps give you more than 30% more range in cold weather and will keep you from running out of power in vast emptiness of the Canadian wilderness.

To keep you safe from the dangers of the outside world there’s also the e-manager. This feature allows you to set the cabin temperature of the e-Golf before you’ve actually gotten into it.

Working a bit like a remote car-starter, this timed feature heats up the car while it’s still plugged into the grid to ensure that you’re toasty and warm as soon as you get in.

And if all else fails, the Northrop Frye e-Golf also comes with heated seats.

The e-Golf is set to make its Canadian debut, free from the oppressiveness of other nations, at the Montreal Auto Show, on January 20.