Herbert Diess, chief of the Volkswagen brand, has revealed that he expects the tweaked MQB platform will underpin the brand’s cars for the next two generations.

The move follows the brand’s, and indeed the group’s, need to reduce costs thanks to the TDI scandal and VW’s investment in electric technology.

"The MQB has high technical substance, so we can use it for the next two vehicle generations without further major investments," Diess told German newspaper Boersen-Zeitung.

The platform forms the basis for most of VW's small cars, including the Golf, the Jetta, and the Beetle.

This cost cutting measure is part of a larger plan to reduce annual costs at the Volkswagen brand by more than $4 billion by 2021.

Extending the life of the MQB platform alone won’t get the brand to its goal, but it should make a sizable dent.

"We are rising to that challenge. We will achieve more in the future with fewer investments to respond to competition," says Diess.

[source: Reuters ]