The Volkswagen Group of America is planning something intriguing, as they’ve applies to trademark the name “Peak Edition” with the US patent office .

The name is being registered for automobiles and trim pieces, which suggests that Volkswagen is planning a special trim for one of its vehicles.

Naturally, we know little more than that, but if this were a betting blog, we’d put odds on this being a special edition of a car designed to celebrate the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

The Volkswagen Group actually has quite a few reasons to celebrate Pikes Peak, making hard to pinpoint exactly which vehicle they could have plans for. Naturally, the Group’s most recent success came two short years ago, when it set still unbeaten overall record at the Hill Climb with the ID.R.

It is tempting, therefore, to assume that the Peak Edition will be applied to an EV. And with a raft of EVs on their way in the next couple of years, there would be no shortage of fender space available for a Peak Edition badge.

We quietly hope, though, that it will instead be applied to a Golf, since 1) we just like the Golf, 2) Volkswagen took a twin-engine Golf to Pikes Peak in the ‘80s , and 3) the nearest-to-completion ID vehicle with a US release date is the ID.4, which is a crossover and calling a crossover that isn’t the Bentley Bentayga (which owns the SUV record up the hill) a Peak Edition would feel a little cynical—that is, unless they’re planning a record attempt with the ID.4, which we are enormously onboard with.

It’s kind of unlikely to be the Golf, though, since it ran from ’85 to ’87, which makes the timing a little weird to be celebrating a 35th anniversary. It's too late to be bringing out a 2020 model and do you really want to celebrate the second or third year it ran? Also, despite being weird and legitimately very fast, it never won anything of note at the event, losing every year to the Audi Quattro.

Technically, Audi is also under the Volkswagen Group of America umbrella, so it could potentially also be applied to something they’re working on.
We may also be reading entirely too much into all of this and it could be that the name isn't a reference to the venerable Pikes Peak. It could simply be a reference to mountain peaks in general and could be a complement to something like the Atlas Basecamp concept we saw in 2019.

Whatever it is, we’ll be interested to see it when it’s revealed.

additional reporting by Dennis Chung