Global Rallycross champ Scott Speed has hit a virtual wall, getting a suspension from iRacing's online racing simulator for taking out other drivers.

Speed, who drives a Volkswagen Beetle GRC for Volkswagen Andretti Racing in the Red Bull Global Rallycross championship, has taken some heat for his conduct in racing simulator iRacing.

Speed has been accused of deliberately crashing into other drivers, including this clip taken in December .

But the controversy escalated last week when Speed was in a race with pro sim racer Jake Hewlett. Hewlett is a big Twitch streamer and was broadcasting that race to thousands of followers.

The pair made contact into a tight hairpin, but it was what came next that was at issue. Speed spent the rest of the race seemingly trying to ram Hewlett of the track. The footage shows sharp swerves and cutting a corner flat out to try and T-Bone Hewlett's car. Speed is in the red Porsche in the clip.

While that would be normal behavior in Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo, iRacing isn't like that. It's a subscription-based sim that tries to be as real as possible. That includes following the rules. Unlike the random person you're racing against on Xbox Live, Speed is a pro driver and involved with iRacing's new push of rallycross content.

As a result, he's been suspended from the service. iRacing didn't comment on the rules or penalties, but Speed confirmed to The Drive that he had been suspended. He didn't sound happy though, saying "I personally wouldn't feel like a man protesting a guy who I just accidentally wrecked out of the lead for returning the favor."

Speed seems to be done with online racing for a while. He put up his simulation rig for sale on Facebook Marketplace but, unfortunately, it already sold .

[source: The Drive]