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VW Golf 6 pricing help URGENT

Hey guys, my uncle presented to me the opportunity to purchase a Mk6 Golf 2.5 5 cylinder golf. Me personally wanting a GTi or Golf R was not 100% sold on this but upon seeing that the car was seemingly pristine and only having 27k miles on it and being mostly garage kept and maintained by a golf mechanic/ private owner I knew the car had been in good hands. Also some new gti wheels and a German leather wheel because we all hate the wheel on the 2.5 mk 6 golfs. Rest assured I will modify this car nicely if I choose to get it.

Let’s get down to the main reason of this post. With that all being said “PRICING” I’ve been doing tons of research and saw on basically all online posts for cars in almost in this condition even if they aren’t legit 6-9k max. With a Kelly blue book rating of 8k highest end and 6k on edmunds. My uncle tells me that these websites do not matter but I believe that is not entirely true. The guy being a collector wants 12k this is going to be first car and although a car this clean seems to be quite rare especially knowing who the guy who is selling knows my uncle who is an enthusiast as well. Obviously I want the car but I’m not sure I can justify spending so much if it truly is that much over what others would pay. I don’t like getting robbed/raped on prices even if I want a car. I will lastly present you guys who know better than me with the simple “what would you do” it wasn’t easy getting the amount of cash I have so I want to spend it wisely. Thanks guys. Looking forward to joining the VW community very shortly.
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