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vw gremlins strike again!!!!!

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my 99 gti is under attack from the gremlins!! my doors will not always lock the first time i i try, and my dome ligts only come on when i unlck the doors with the remote. if the cars already unlock and i open the door low and behold nothing but darkness. anyone out there have the same problem and what the h#ll is causing it?????
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Re: vw gremlins strike again!!!!! (need_my_vw)

Door Switch.
Sounds like your door switch isn't registering when your door is open or closed.
Re: vw gremlins strike again!!!!! (landrumdh)

thanks i'll look into it .
Re: vw gremlins strike again!!!!! (need_my_vw)

My Golf did that for a while. It was the lock solenoid on the driver's door.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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