In a year’s time (or there abouts) the Volkswagen Group says it will have fixed all scandal-affected TDIs in Europe. The European Union announced the automaker’s pledge today following a meeting with it to ensure that enough is being done for European owners, reports Automotive News.

The announcement comes in the wake of reports claiming that VW has only fixed 10% of affected cars so far. The automaker has also been criticized for not offering European TDI owners a settlement like they did in the US.

At the EU meeting, VW board member Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz also committed to a plan to inform customers of the need for a technical fix by year’s end.

"Volkswagen committed to an EU-wide action plan today, which is an important step towards a fair treatment of consumers," said Vera Jourova, EU consumer commissioner in a release.

Jourova added that it was not the commission’s place to impose fines or compensation, but rather the job of national courts and authorities.

[ source: Automotive News ]