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Ok a bunch of vw guys in the moutains with jdm trucks.
Intro of the people.
Towlhead driving,Fat ass zach Bart(mk2vwgti i think on here) and boyfriend on here.

Andy aka aslater and his neighbor(bad with names...sorry man.)

thats me and my girl went too...Anthony and bart both rod in the bed for most of the trail.

Here comes the fun

We were the only 2 to climb all the way up this thing

As far as towlhead made it

Drop in
Me rollin it for the first time

Thats all i have andy will be posting up some and vid soon.
We had a blast and i only caught my tire on the passengers side bedside and tore it a bit....oh well. Towlhead lost a bumper cap broke a taillight and drug his bumper or pop can everywhere we went.

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Re: (bigacuralvr)

Quote, originally posted by bigacuralvr »
Man, If I end up keeping the Runner (Looking like YES...) I would love to go on some easy trails with you guys. If I keep it, I'll be doing a 2.5" OME Lift...so I should be able to somewhat keep up with you guys!

We go to pretty easy spots. most of the places we have been going a stock rig with flexy suspension will make it through. http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
we have been going once a weekend maybe twice if theres nothing to do,so if anyone wants to go hit me up

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Re: (Boostedcorrados)

True VW guys off-roading gather like this....

Heading to places like this....

To do this....

and this...

with this....

Okay... seriously... I'm just bustin' balls.
It looks like you had a good time. Next time you head out, lemme know because I can round up a few TOUAREGs to go play!!! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: (MrPillowPants)

Quote, originally posted by MrPillowPants »
wow Toyota fans eh? I guess I gotta post up mine:

click for big picture
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Gabe,Never thought of you to be the crawling type.Where did you find that thing. What mods
From what i can tell Trail gear SAS swap maybe lif if it was an 85 but the frame looks to be IFS style.maybe 14inch hoops in the front.hubs(dont know why they wouldnt have used the stocks.)Pretty sweet from what i see. BTW yota yard is way over priced now that the dudes wife took over

Reminds me of some of the old phat jeeps yotas.

Damion's old rig before the body turned in to a pop can

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Re: (TheRealCarbonfiberGabe.)

well looks like my cover is blown.

Saw my last post and the story eh? Good ownage.
Well hopefully things here will remain quiet and peaceful as they have been over the last few months.
Picked up the green monster late in the summer. It is fun. Double transfer case. No gas pedal needed to climb when I have it all engaged, perfect 2 mph roll.
As for the GTI its actually not parked in front. Good guess though.
Lets keep things adult here ok?

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Re: (Boostedcorrados)

sorry, finals are coming. Study time.
here is the mod list. it is a 1984
AOR 6.5 in alcan springs with orbit eyes
motor front shocks mounts 14 in travel
through the bed rears 12 in travel
Dual T cases front stock plus rear case
5:1 gears from all pro
5.29 front and rear
front true track locker
rear Detroit locker
1.5 in axle spacer for front
1989 rear axle ( longer, and bigger brakes)
dual friction clutch
rebuilt motor and tranny
38.5 in boggers < less than 500 miles>
custom 13in travel drive shaft from high angle drive line- front
custom built encased tube drive shaft- rear
rebuilt steering box + encased frame on truck to handle box
All Pro cross over steering
dual T case skid plate from All pro.
its the 4 banger but with the gearing its not even an issue.

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Re: (MrPillowPants)

22re is a good motor.They last a long ass time,Will run on there side and parts are easy to come by for them.
Id be interested to see the rear suspension of that thing and how the driveshafts were done. I have a feeling im going to be having problems with my front shaft if i dont figure it all out soon. Im going to be running Some pretty trick shock mounts
i have to figure the rear out still but i hope i can find something that will let the rear dop out pretty far.
Any rubbing issues under hard stuffs with that thing.38.5 is huge!!! I was going to run 38's but anything bigger then 35's people are braking stuff.
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