Volkswagen is opening the order books on its first MEB-based electric vehicle in Europe later this week and it seems the Dutch division got a little overexcited.

VW Holland released a short video of the car with its name ahead of schedule and then quickly took it down.

Fortunately, caught the slip-up and the name before it all disappeared.

The photos are, unfortunately, still camouflaged. Volkswagen doesn’t want to fully reveal the car until the Frankfurt Auto Show this fall.

What the Dutch slip up did reveal, though, is the car will be called the ID.3. That tracks with trademark registrations we discovered back in November .

Volkswagen also applied for trademarks on ID.1 through ID.9 (we may have used this information to imagine a scenario in which the ID names were almost all callbacks to air-cooled VWs, which appears to have been incorrect). Volkswagen’s use of the ID.3 moniker suggests that this will be the naming conventions for all of its EVs.

You’ll be able to watch the full video of the ID.3 on the streets when Volkswagen releases it on schedule on May 8.