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Need a little Vortex southern hospitality...

Long and short I found a little honey hole of VW MKI last December when I was driving from Denver to Dallas. I bought a bunch but left a bunch. The guy is 93 years old and I am going back down on Monday to try and buy everything I can that is left. Willing to trade cars for temporary storage or help getting them on a trailers and sold. Details if your serious. Here's what I know is left

2 gasser pickups
2 beatles
1 83? vanagon
2 porsche 914
Handful of other cars but I can't remember.

I bought 5 rabbit trucks from him in December for a good price...

ALSO I REALLY NEED A PAIR OF DRUMS FOR THE REAR OF A RABBIT. Just to put on one of the trucks to pull it out of a field. If you have a pair let me know. Don't need hardware or pads or bearings. Just need to go about a football field and currently it only has axel stubs.

720-484-1771 text me
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