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I am accepting applications for future ownership of the Mk2 Volkswagen Jetta Limo :) The Limo was professionally built ~20 years ago by a coachbuilder in Canada, with proper blueprints etc that I have in my possession and will hand to a future owner, so that the grand history of this piece of automotive art can be passed to future generations. I purchased the rough rolling shell of this car 18 months ago after passing the interview process from a fellow VW collector and friend. Since then I have poured blood, sweat, and parts, into the project, and had a limo load of fun with it.

Things it's got? Apart from being super sweet? New brake lines and lots of other brake parts, check. Converted to manual gearbox, with a long geared cable shift hydraulic clutch 5 speed from a Mk3 TDI, yup. Added third row seating with matching blue seats, but of course. Put in a Mk3 fuel injected 8v engine with new aftermarket fuel pump and everything else that goes with it, oui. Mismash of coilovers that can handle the extra way, dude, heck yeah. Lots and lots of welded in patches for the rust underneath, totally! Add to that list, replacement fuse panel, radiator, fancy self tensioning alternator, carpets, chunks of the exhaust, lights, lots of exterior and interior trim, plus replacement subframes, control arms, calipers, handles and goodness knows what else.Yes, all 6 doors open, yes the middle doors are more of a party trick than actually useful for ingress and egress, but they do indeed open and close. The car was originally built with a weird sideways facing middle seat, but a complete rear seat section from another donor was carefully attacked and added in, making it far more awesome. Does it still need things to be considered 'normal'.. Definitely, but it's pretty close, or maybe that will, or could, never happen..?

Since I finished getting it 'road worthy', the Limo has since been driven to, and through, the mountains of Georgia to the Southern Worthersee show and back on one excursion. Another took it out to the old VW factory in Westmoreland, PA and on to western Michigan for Euro Hangar and back to eastern PA for Cult Classic the very next day. We've had 8 people in it and cruised around merrily. We've had more people in it too for short journeys but I'm probably not at liberty to share those photos for privacy reasons. It will cruise above the speed limit with no issue. It has never left us stranded, and has brought smiles to so many people along the way. Okay, one time a rear drum part broke on a roadtrip, but that was fixed and technically it didn't strand us.

A short video of it by wagenwerks​ on FB has had around 400,000 views over its 2 versions..: http://www.facebook.com/wagenwerks/videos/vb.109286268746/10153991362673747/?type=2&theater
I also wrote about the project for the September 2015 issue of Performance VW Magazine​. There have also been countless social media posts about it, but I don't think that counts for anything to anyone really. The car was in a bad shape when I got it, and I put it back to being in 'fun but solid' shape. It's never ever going to be a concours car, it's still got some bubblegum holding things together, but it is what is it.. a sweet Jetta Limo, and a hoot of a driving project funbox for someone. Issues? Sure, it's got a few still. It smokes on start up, the door seals etc aren't great in heavy rain, the speakers could do with upgrades, there isn't exactly a ton of legroom if you have 6 people in the back, but, let those not prevent giggles of glee as you and your wedding party (or 'bros') drive down the road in your very own Jetta Limo.

What does come with the Limo? A clean PA title in my name, just waiting for your transfer. The blueprints, original photos and anything else that I have on hand that goes with it, including at least a PDF copy of the magazine it was in this year. What doesn't come with it? The roofrack, the roof box, and the 3 piece fancy wheels - you're welcome to make offers on any of these 3, but the car shall come with a smooth unadorned roof and regular steel wheels with round black tires on them.

In 2014 it was listed with no engine, no transmission, no brakes, no wiring, plus large holes in the floors and pretty much everywhere else, in New Hampshire. It was re-posted by such luminaries as Jalopnik, Hooniverse, Motrolix and more at that time. [Jalopnik; nice price for fun, CP for luxury and for being a '80s style VW Jetta. Hooniverse; it's a horrible choice for a Le Mons car]. I towed it back to Pennsylvania and got it back running and to being reasonably solid, and have had a metric ton of fun with it. But, all good things must move out of the way for newer projects, so I'm throwing it open to offers involving both money but also a good home for it. Perhaps all the people saying that a VR6 engine would be great in it would like their chance to do so. Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you the Jetta Limo.

PS. If anyone local happens to have a wedding, prom, bar mitzvah, bachelor(ette) party coming up, and are either a) a big VW fan, b) a hipster, or c) dumb enough, to want to borrow the Limo and me for a couple of hours please feel free to contact me. I always thought it was a missed calling for the Limo, and I'd love to make that happen before or if I let it move on to a new home. I would use it for a day on Uber to give it a similar experience, but Uber seems to discriminate against 1992 VW Jetta Limos in their terms and conditions. Are you reading this Uber? Let's talk...

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