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I picked up an 82 Rabbit Diesel this weekend with a 4 speed manual code GL.

The motor ant tran I have are a virtually stock 1.8 with plans to put a weber carb on with a 5 speed 9A close ratio bolted to it.

I have taken the liberty to map out the ratios for side by side comparison.

What looks better for autocross?

Sorry for potato quality.

The big difference is that the 9A third gear falls it right between 2nd and 3rd on the GL. However, the GL has a really tall 2nd and 3rd with a better (more highway efficient) 4th.

So, what would be more flexible for autocross? I like the idea of being able to stick it in 2nd or 3rd and leaving it... but I know I could likely do this with the 5 speed.

Basically, I need someone that understands this about 100 times better than I do.
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