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Hi, I am just finishing up my first VW MK4 2L golf project and am now getting ready for #2. I have bought an MK4 VR6 GTI as a project car, and am in the midst of working out the many, many bugs it has. If anyone has some trouble shooting tips, incite, or advice on any of these issues, PLEASE be sure to reply !

Things I'm looking to do:
-Fix all issues with the car
-Shave hood/hatch
-Lower on raceland coilovers
-Body kit
-Thoughts on R32 vs. 337
-Good brands? (had issues with the Napa autoparts brand paint.. kept getting wrong colors, and wrong supplies.)
-Interior work
-steering wheel
-short throw shifter
-refinish leather seats
-Possible turbo
- Good turbo kits?
-I've herd of it being a bad idea to turbo your vr6 because of thin walls due to the 15 degree angle of the v6 engine, true?
-If turbo'ing your vr6 is it a good idea to rebuild your engine, replace certain parts with atermarket?
-Is it a bad idea to be strapping the turbo kit on and not doing anything to your engine prior?
-things to be aware of? tips? advice?

Is there a good website i can order my parts off of?? Seeing as the dealer is expensive as hell, and I've been getting terrible service at local parts stores..


-P0300 -
-P0306 -
-P0303 <-- Firing issues.... Coil pack? (seems to run fine) ford coil pack better?
-P0302 -
-P0304 _ -

-Air bag light comes on at times..
Timing Belt
-how often should i be changing my timing belt?
-if it jumps a tooth will it bend a valve?
-time to change?

-long story short, i need new fenders.. they require n=more body work than worth.
- my friend had gotten aftermarket ones and they didnt fit the headlights right.
-Suggestions on websites/parts?


Damaged door panel
Wood trim on door, and on cup holder
Passenger door won't lock from drivers key lock
Front cup holder
Center console in hard shape
- Good quality aftermarket?
Broken manual lock on drivers door
- Will have to take apart door to replace it.. is this a good idea, or should I be looking for a replacement door, seeing as I will be paining the car.
Small trim underneath air conditioning controls


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Timing "belt" wise is actually a timing chain, vw says there a lifetime thing but the guides are plastic and the tensioner is not ment to be used for a lifetime, I recommend changing it every 100k and yes you'll bend valves if you jump a tooth

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