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VW Motorsport visit pics

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Hey fellows, have posted up some pics of my visit to VW Motorsport for those who are interested..... some cool pics. http://pub26.ezboard.com/faudi...topic
Also when I was there, they had the release of the Lupo 3l (3 litres of fuel per 100kms) neat stuff. Did the Karmann factory, Hannover Factory & of course the Wolfsburg plant & Autostadt..... Also caught up with the R32 club in W'burg - burnt around Germany & Holland with our replica of "Antarctica 1" (A 63 bug) and our 68 country buggy (now both residing in Wolfsburg's museum). We had a new Passat & Sharan 1.9TDI's as support vehicles, top speed of the passat - 229kph, the Sharan 208kph....... Boring.......
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Re: VW Motorsport visit pics (aussie audi guy)

great pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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