But for a popped tire, Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross's Tanner Foust would have won twice this weekend. The rallycross veteran was on his way to winning the second round of this weekend's double header in New England when a popped tire sent him off course and off the podium.

Up to that point, Foust had run a perfect weekend in what has so far been a wild season. After three races, three different drivers have climbed to the podium's top step. But following his second pole position of the weekend, it looked like Foust might take back to back honors in New England. Sadly, it was not to be.

“It’s really tough to be so quick all weekend and to have the track decide to take a bite out of the car at the end of the Final,” said Foust. “We dodged issues all weekend long and were super fast, so I’m bummed Sunday had to end like this. At least we know we’re quick, and I’m hoping to replicate most of this weekend at the next doubleheader in Ottawa.”

For his teammate Scott Speed, though, the weekend had the opposite trajectory. Facing difficulty in the early rounds on both Saturday and Sunday, he managed to finish second in both races.


Saturday's race, especially was a come from behind performance, after having been run into on the track. Speed was hit so hard that his car couldn't move. Since it was still on track, the race was red flagged, and the driver who hit Speed penalized.

After getting back onto the grid for the restart, Speed managed to drive his Beetle onto the podium's second highest step.

“Two second-place finishes are not where exactly where we want to be, but it’s good points for the championship, so we have to be somewhat happy,” said Speed. “Starting at the front of the pack is always so much easier, but we showed we know how to get through the field and make things exciting, so I guess that’s a positive too.”

After this weekend's Connecticut races, Scott Speed still holds on to his top position in the drivers' standings, while Foust is in second.

Speed and Foust will be back at in two weeks, as the series leaves American soil for a double-header in Ottawa.