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VW on its way up style or not?

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It's seems to me that VW in definetly on its way upscale.But the products its putting out seem to have more flaws then ever.
There are so many people complaning about dubs breaking down and shady vw dealer's.I know VW has had its problems in the past just like every other car maker nobody is perfect but in VW'S case do you think they have an overabundance of flawed products?
In my case i had a 2000 jetta vr6 glx the car was a piece of crap always breaking down.You name it that car had it broken.
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Re: VW on its way up style or not? (red92slc)

see.....thats what happens when you produce a german car in mexico
Re: VW on its way up style or not? (jedblack)

quote:[HR][/HR]see.....thats what happens when you produce a german car in mexico[HR][/HR]​
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Re: VW on its way up style or not? (jininkan)

VW has seen its better days, in my opinion the eighties were VW's heyday. They made sh*t that would last in those days, sad when a 2000 model yr breaks down all the time. My 84 Scirocco was the best mechanical and reliable car I ever owned which is part of the reason I went to the Corrado. Although my Corrado hasnt had any major problem yet(knock on wood), it still cant hold a candle to the reliability of my 84 Rocco. I think VW has made a huge mistake by their slipshod engineering and ridiculous parts prices, not to mention crooked dealers. I know I wont be buying any of their cars in the future.
Re: VW on its way up style or not? (Frejucamor)

Easy way to make money - Build a $hit product slap a big ass waranty on it
Good way to build a good name - Build an excelent product that doesn't need any warranty
Re: VW on its way up style or not? (CorradoKidd)

How funny. the CORRADO forum talking about VW unreliability. The Corrados were some of the worst VWs quality wise. They're incredibly fun, but always breaking.
MKIV VWs aren't as bad as you think. Some are having problems yes, but not all, and definately not most. You have to think that there are more people driving MKIV VWs than almost all other types of VWs combined. They sell incredibly well! So while the number of error reports goes up, the ratio is down.
VW is on their way upscale. I'm looking forward to it. I'd love to buy another VW. I think they're planning on producing a corrado replacement with the MKV generation. I can't wait.
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