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VW Passat CC 2011year 2.0TDI 103kw
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hello, like this. i bought these car lights, i'm wondering what are the coding solutions of these lights to make it right. so the car used to be on halogen lights, these have a HID lens with a flap. and LED position lights that should act as a DRL. the connector is 10 pins. I need help setting up the position lights that play the drl to always be on. I want to achieve this by coding, I tried some possibilities but they didn't work, but I can also do it with some additional wiring. also since they are copies, they have high beams that are in the lens and lights that have been there before (h7). if anyone has any solutions I would definitely like to explain. in any case I can put autoscan. but the car has a Higline BcM module and the "auto" function on the switch. the car is from 2011. 2.0 tdi, from the German market. any information is welcome.
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