Volkswagen is working on a some new products according to a couple of new trademarks that were just filed with the European intellectual property office.

The trademarks are for “WAYTOZERO,” “CARIAD,” “IDEACY,” and “ROXITY.” Although it’s unclear what they will all be applied to, the trademarks to suggest that VW is working a new suite of support products for its upcoming vehicles.

Taken together, the trademarks point specifically to VW’s upcoming electric vehicles. “WAYTOZERO,” in particular, is a short walk to electric vehicles. “IDEACY,” though, could also be related to VW’s electric ID vehicles.

In what way, exactly, they will relate to these vehicles is unclear. The products to which these names could be affixed in the application are wide-ranging. Naturally, there’s “vehicles and means of transport” but there is also the “transportation; packaging and storage of goods.”

Perhaps more revealingly, though, CARIAD, IDEACY, and ROXITY could all be applied to “recorded data; information technology and audiovisual equipment,” according to the trademark applications.

“Providing temporary use of online non-downloadable software for providing transportation services, booking services for transportation services, and for sending motor vehicles to customers” is also among the possible services listed.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Volkswagen is ready to roll these services out, if indeed it does use these names, to find out just what they’re for.