Ever since dieselgate, the question of just how Volkswagen will spend the roughly $2 billion it agreed to pay to fund green initiatives has been pressing. Now, there’s more clarity on just what VW is planning thanks to a new website set up by the automaker.

Electrify America is the name of the plan that Volkswagen has outlined and it involved three steps, all aimed at increasing the use of electric vehicles in the US.

The first step, as predicted, is investing in electric vehicle infrastructure. That means installing EV chargers in 15 metro areas consisting of more than 300 charging stations.

The first step in the plan will also take care of non-metro areas, with a further 200 charge station network across America.

The second step is aimed increasing awareness and fostering education. That includes ride and drives, multi-channel advertising, social media, the internet, and educational programs.

Finally, VW will be launching a “Green City” initiative somewhere in California (city yet to be named). The city would benefit from zero emission car sharing, transit, and shuttles.

You can submit proposals for more ways to spend Volkswagen's electric investments at electrifyamerica.com .