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vw replacement key

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i've heard that it's very expensive to get a replacement key made for the newer vw's at a dealership. i found an auction on ebay for a brand new blank key / remote. the part number for the remote is 1J0-959-753-AM and the part number for the key is 1J0-837-246-F-ROH. can you tell me whether this will work with a 2002 gti. also, how much will it cost to have the key programmed at the dealership and what's the max i should pay for a blank key of this type on ebay? thanks. if this is a bad idea and i should go to the dealer please let me know.
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Re: vw replacement key (tornado18)

As I have been told, a blank key will set ya back about $100 and the remote another $100. As far as programming, it's in your drivers manual, do it yourself. If your car has an immobilizer that may cause some difficulty, ask the stealership!
Re: vw replacement key (kaljer)

just get a spare without the remote for $70 from the dealership.
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