A team of apprentices from the Sachsen vehicle plant in Zwickau were also busy this year building a unique car of their own. This time, though Volkswagen are celebrating Wörthersee.

As thanks for 35 years of the meeting by the lake, Volkswagen have built a special Golf, the R Estate Performance 35, which has 350 ps (345 hp) and features a unique, hand painted, seamless paint job. It’s much like the GTI Heartbeat, if a little less intense.


Lest you think the Performance 35 is tame, though, it features a 12-speaker, 2,500 watt sound system in the cargo area. Amazingly, you can still store stuff back there.

It even comes with an electrically retractable cargo floor, so you could, if you were so inclined, put the “P 35” child’s run bike (read: bicycle without pedals) back there. The P 35 bike is another unique detail for the Performance 35, that features a matching Tornado Red and Quartzite paint job.

And when you put your bike back there for a long drive, the little rider can be wafted to sleep under a starry sky, thanks to a headliner perforated with LED lights.

A worthy celebration, indeed, of the 35 th anniversary of the biggest VAG gathering in the world.