SUVs accounted for more than half of all VW sales in the first month of 2018, as the brand’s sales rose more than 5%.

With sales of the Atlas, Touareg, Tiguan, and Tiguan Limited totaling 13,077, they made up 52% of Volkswagen sales last month.

Again, it’s hard to say quite how well the SUVs are performing, since neither the new Tiguan nor the Atlas was available at this time last year, but the Tiguan celebrated its best-ever sales month in January.

Volkswagen sold 6,300 Tiguans last month, nearly 500 more than it did in December, and nearly 3,000 more than in any previous month.

The cars, meanwhile, did not fare all that well.

Jetta sales fell by a third, while Golf sales fell by nearly 40%, and VW only sold 3 Golf Rs last month. Slow Jetta sales could be attributed to the fast-approaching Mk7 Jetta.

Sales of the Beetle, weirdly, were up this month. With a total of 1,112 sold in January, that’s nearly 3% more than sold in January 2017.

Regardless, VW's decision to invest in SUVs is paying off, as the family-haulers are buoying the company's sales sheets. With that in mind, the Atlas- and Tiguan-based variants can't come quick enough.