Volkswagen’s head of development, Frank Welsch, says that the ID.3 R is something the company is looking at. Whether or not it will come to pass remains a question, though.

“I like the idea,” Welsch recently told Autocar , “but we have to decide if the market is ready to accept such a model.”

The ID.3 R would sit at the top of the model hierarchy, said Welsch, and could be the only pure performance variant. The proposed GTX moniker, another high-performance variant, will likely not be applied to the ID.3.

“The ID 3 can accept four-wheel drive, although it’s unlikely to receive it during the first generation,” Welsch told Autocar. “There will not be a GTX variant, but we’re yet to decide on a rear-wheel-drive R variant.”

In the past, Jost Capito, the man in charge of the R division, has said that the lessons learned on the ID.R would be applied to road cars and heavily hinted that R would go electric.
Autocar reports that if the ID.3 R does come, customers will have to wait until 2024 before they can hope to buy one.