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I took my car in to have 5k service today and was told it was under recall for the hesitation/idle issue. Looking at the notes, it appears that the work was not completed and that I didn't need it. I received the previous TSB regarding the hesitation, does anyone know if I need another flash? The dealer of course won't tell me if I need it or not.
Also, I took my car in to get the NAV TSB to bring the version up to 47 because of sporadic NAV issues. The work was not completed and I'm being told that I have a scratched CD and that is what is causing the problems. I was able to verify that I have version45.
I also am experiencing the musty odor that others have and the dealership drove the car and said I didn't have a problem and did not apply the fix noted in the TSB.
This is the second dealership I have had issue. Can anyone help me understand why there is reluctance to perform work that VWofA has recognized to have done.
A side note, I called VWofA and basically I'm being told that the burden of proof is on the customer and if the dealership doesn't think te maintenance is needed then it is up to their discretion to do the work or not regardless of TSBs.
I am very disatisfied with VW customer service. Is this the experience I should expect?
If someone knows of a reputable/honest service dept. in the CT area, I would be glad to try them out.
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