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VW Service !!!!!

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hi all, this is my third topic about their ****tttty service (last topic was in Dec). Today i went in for my FREE 20k mile service. Anyways I drop the car off and then the vw tech guy comes and tells me if you're here for your check engine light we won't touch your car we already told you that last time. I told him yah okkkk whatever man just do the 20k service..he says okay... they take the car...then the MANAGER approaches me and tells me ...you are out of warranty since october 2001....you will have to pay for the 20k service !!! ? wtf ? i told him i still have 4k miles to go and the 20k service is suposed to be FREE...he says its either 24k miles or 2 years whichever comes first....so im like...WHAT HAPPENED to the FREE 20k service ? he said i missed it... how can i fking miss it if the car still didnt hit 20k service just today ? he says i have to hit "20k" in the 2 year period so they can do it for free ? is he giving me bullshyt or is this true ? they are hating just cause i have aftermarket parts on my car

please is this true ?

anyways i paid this mechanic i know for the oil change and he changed the oil filter + coolant...
if what he said is true ok i understand :\ so can anyone make sure ?
thanks all http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: VW Service !!!!! (GTIVR6MK4)

pretty sure it's 20K or 2 years, whichever comes first. So if you didn't take you car in for your 20k/2 year service within the 2 years, you're sol.
Re: VW Service !!!!! (moclov)

20k for free is on turbos only.
I just had my 10k and asked someone who truly knows what's up w/the warranty.
Re: VW Service !!!!! (Jman5000)

I thought that 15k was the one that was only free for the 1.8t. With 20k being free for all cars.
With the warranty being 24k/2 years, which ever comes first. So if you hit 20k after you've owned the car for 2 years, you are no longer covered.
Re: VW Service !!!!! (Jman5000)

quote:[HR][/HR]20k for free is on turbos only.
I just had my 10k and asked someone who truly knows what's up w/the warranty.[HR][/HR]​
The 15k is free on the Turbos only. The 5, 10, and 20k is for everyone (trust me I've owned both a 1.8T and 2.0L). It is printed on my "free service card". I can scan it if you'd like.
Re: VW Service !!!!! (sachiko)

Once and for all, the free service is 2/24. The "2" part is where you missed out.
It was on the window sticker when you bought it.
Re: VW Service !!!!! (Jman5000)

I thought you suppose to bring in your car for service 5k/first 6 month, 10k/first year, 20k/second year whichever come first.
The turbo got the extra 15k/1.5th year service.
Re: VW Service !!!!! (GTIVR6MK4)

I'll have to go back and check, but the warranty is 2yr/24000 miles. The free maintenance service is NOT a warranty item. My dealer replaced my brake fluid free with 42,000 miles on the car because it was still under 2 years old and you are supposed to replace it every two years.
Re-read the service part. I don't have my manual in front of me.
Re: VW Service !!!!! (Jman5000)

GTIVR6MK4: You missed out because it is the 2yr/20k whichever comes first.
BTW, all 2k2 owners DO NOT recieve any free service. I guess because your extended B2B.
Oh and here is the proof 'bout the 1.8T
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Re: VW Service !!!!! (einsig)

Gotta love those little loopholes VW can make!
Re: VW Service !!!!! (Max Rebo)

quote:[HR][/HR]Gotta love those little loopholes VW can make![HR][/HR]​
You make it sound as if every other car manufacturer would do it differently. Take a look around....
Re: VW Service !!!!! (Max Rebo)

quote:[HR][/HR]Gotta love those little loopholes VW can make![HR][/HR]​
Loophole? Since when is not reading the materials that came with the car a loophole?
Re: VW Service !!!!! (BostonMk4)

My dealer (Peyton Cramer) was pretty cool about the free maintenance and basically told me it was up to me when to use them. I told him I didn't want them to go to waste so I had the free work done even if I hadn't reached the mileage yet (i.e. I only had 12,500, but they let me do the 15,000 mile service).
According to him, I can save the last free maintenance for the big service, so on my most recent visit, I voluntarily paid for the $20 oil change. I just have to make sure to use the 20K service before my 2 year mark in June, this year, or I lose it.
Some other dealers I called told me they wouldn't do the free thing until I hit the mileage listed on the card, which I said was b.s. since I wanted to use all four pre-paid services and one would go to waste since I wouldn't hit 20K until after 2 years. Damn jerkies.

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